Garage door repair Thornton.

Garage door repair Thornton, taking care of all of your garage door needs.  If you value excellent customer service at a fair price give us a call today.  We can give you our garage door spring replacement cost as well as our garage door replacement costs.

All of our over the phone quotes are the “out the door price,” this means that the price that is quoted over the phone will more than likely be the final price when the job is finished.  This includes labor, trip charge, parts and, all the other charges associated with coming out and completing the repair.  The only thing that will change the final price is if we come out and find something else that needs to be replaced to properly complete the repair.  When it comes to your garage door repair Thornton,  we are no nonsense or funny business!

We try to provide the very best possible cost on any repair that we can.  Sure, we can charge what the other companies do, but we choose to keep the cost of repairing your garage door on the lower side of things.  You can rest assured that we will be one of the lowest prices if you are calling around and price checking the cost to repair garage doors.

We are the experts at replacing your garage door springs and we are one of the lowest for garage door spring replacement cost.  We know the right springs for your door and if you use your garage door like a front door, we can offer you some high cycle garage door springs that will last 2-5 times longer than the current springs that are on your door.  When it comes to garage door repair Thornton, our reviews speak for themselves.  Please feel free to look us up on yelp and google plus to find all of our reviews.  We would love to have you call us and become our next customer! And check out our reviews on google here

    New garage door planks

    Are you in the market for a new garage door?  Are you tired of your old door or did your overhead door just crash on you?

    New garage door planks
    Here is a new garage door from CHI that has woodtone accents. The style is known as planks

    Here is an article I found from Channel 4 news in Jacksonville.  This article goes through all of the different types of doors that you can purchase and, it also gives you a good estimate as to what the prices could be.  So if you are looking for a new garage door, check out this article so you can be better informed as to what you may be looking for.  We have  a program that we can use to show you what your new garage door will look like on your house before you purchase it.  So, that will give you a better idea as to what you would be looking for when you purchase and have a new garage door installed at your house.

    Our most commonly sold garage doors range from $900-$1300 and that does include the installation and haul away of the old door as well as connecting the old opener to the new door.  If you do need new weatherstripping trim,  the cost is $100 in addition to the cost of the door.

    Here is a link to the article.  I hope that all of you enjoy reading it and if you are in the market for a new garage door, please give us a call once you’re finished reading the article and we can set up a time for a consultation and an installation to replace your garage door.

    garage door repair thornton garage door springs and parts

    Thornton Garage door repair.

    Thornton Garage door repair  brings you a nice little article today that shows a company that charges their customers $1000 for a garage door repair.  Hopefully we do not have a branch out here but I have a feeling that we do.

    Thornton garage door repair garage door springs and parts
    Thornton garage door repair garage door springs and parts


    Thornton Garage door repair brings you news from the garage door world with this article from the Dallas News.  They investigated a garage door company and found out many disturbing things about how some companies charge way to much for repairs.   They train their technicians to try to get a $1000 ticket on every customer.  Of course this is really overpriced for a standard garage door repair.  Most of the time you can get a brand new garage door with installation and all new hardware for about the same price.  Make sure you know what the price is before the technician starts the repair because once they are finished with the garage door repair, then you are stuck paying whatever the cost is that they tell you.  If you know the cost upfront then if you suspect it is too much you can send them away and try another garage door repair company.  At garage door repair Thornton we believe that you should only have to pay a fair price for excellent service.  It is best to try to get a quote over the phone.  If the company will not give you a price over the phone move to the next on the list. Also try to avoid the companies that give you a wide range of prices for a simple repair.  Make sure that the price quoted over the phone includes any labor as well as a trip charge and any other charges.


    Garage door repair in Denver adwords

    Article by: Robert Meizo, Owner of North Metro Garage LLC.


    Today I was looking into spending a little money on Google Adwords.  I was hoping to get a call or two by spending a few dollars which, would be great for my small business. Making some money is better than making no money.  I started a little campaign and, over the course of the day, the cost to get on the first page of google kept climbing!  Can you believe that to get on the first page of google for garage door repair I would have to spend $40 per click?!!! And, some keyword terms were over $50!

    Garage door repair in Denver adwords
    Garage door repair Denver adwords cost to get on first page

    So, what is this doing to the cost to have garage door repair in Denver?  Well, if the people at the very top of the page for “garage door repair Denver” are spending more that $50 for that position, they HAVE to pass that expense on to you, even if you don’t click on their ad and you find them some other way (probably on the same page).  Either way, the cost WILL be higher from the companies that are in the top 3 ad spots.  Now I know why I hear all the time about how much more some companies charge (than I do) to change out garage door springs, install new doors, and do other repairs. Oh, and the price to get on the first page for “garage door spring”…$52.  I wonder how much they pay for that top position?

    Don’t get me wrong.  Businesses spend money on advertising. But since Google makes it a competition it severely inflates the cost of that advertising and the only winner in this game is Google.  No wonder why they are one of the richest companies in America. And, for the companies that are spending this type of insane money on advertising, good for them!  They must be making a lot if they are spending that much just to get someone to look at their website.

    Of course I would LOVE more business.  But I am not willing to spend that kind of money because I don’t want to have to pass that cost on to my customers.  One of the benefits customers get from working with a small, local business is that we have lower costs and because of that, lower prices. I have built my business by having low prices and excellent customer service.  Because of that many customers refer us to their friends and family or are repeat customers.

    In conclusion, try to stay away from clicking the ads and choosing the companies that are using those ads, it will just cost you more in the end.  Try to choose the smaller companies with the lower operating costs if you are looking to save money on your repairs.

    Robert Meizo is a former Marine and the owner/operator of North Metro Garage LLC and A local, family run business.


    We offer garage door repair to the following cities:

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