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It’s Never too Late for Spring Cleaning

It’s Never too Late for Spring Cleaning

From tools to bikes to that brand new summer toy, your garage’s first function is to store. But that doesn’t have to be the only thing your garage can do!

Convert your space from glorified closet to haven with a few simple organization tips that even the busiest homeowners can pull off and maintain.

Get items off the ground

The first thing to examine is what can be hung up or stored safely in organizational boxes, drawers, or cubbies off the ground. Your garage floor may be sealed or finished, but accumulated dust and debris from parking your car in the garage and walking through it will naturally make it a messier place to store items.

Large hooks are often perfect for heavy winter coats and backpacks, but one should also consider whether their bikes would be best hung from the wall or the ceiling as well. Hooks that hang road and mountain bikes from the ceiling by both tires are easy to install and use, as long as your garage ceiling is low enough to reach with a step stool. Wall mounts are also available for hanging bikes on walls by the front tire. This can save extra floor space in your garage and keep your two-wheelers clean and in top shape.

Maximize project space with hinges

Of course, a traditional tool station, complete with drawers, sprawling counter space, shelving, and hanging mounts for tools, is most effective for the contractor in all of us. But what if your garage doesn’t afford much space for projects?

This is where the magic of the hinge comes in. Counter space, be it metal or finished wood, can always be tucked away, parallel to your garage’s walls, when you’re not using them. Installing hinges where the counter meets the wall allows you to lift the counter up and fasten it to the garage wall.

Allow for a few inches of clearance between your workspace counter top and the garage wall, and it suddenly doubles as a cabinet door, covering any tools hung up on the wall behind it and cleaning up your space in the process.

“Lazy Susans” aren’t just for kitchens

Let’s take a few tips from common kitchen organizing rules. The Lazy Susan is a rotating tray that one can turn to move the items on it nearer to them and then back to someone sitting across the way.

We can use the concept in a garage space when it comes to recreation items like baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, or boating paddles. These items can easily stand up and fit into a circular cabinet, divided by purpose. The cabinet would then spin, revealing whatever stick, pole, or paddle you need without requiring a line of tall cabinets along the wall and maintaining detailed organization of your items.

Label, Label, Label

This tip rings true for smaller items often found in a garage. These range from nails and extra batteries to crafting supplies and rolls of tape. Most of these can be stored in small compartment drawers that are either stacked or lined up across a garage wall or shelf. But, the key to maintaining an organization pattern is by labeling these items and sticking to those labels. Eventually, you’ll get used to where everything is and feel like every minor item has its place.

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