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Tips for Staying Safe Around Your Garage Door

Tips for Staying Safe Around Your Garage Door

A home’s garage door is important for a number of different reasons. It’s a key element in designing an attractive facade for your home, increasing your home’s energy efficiency through insulation and quality, and securing your home from weather and unwanted visitors.

But what’s often overlooked is that a mechanized garage door can be very dangerous when used incorrectly or tampered with. It’s also a large and heavy aspect to your home that’s not easily handled or fixed.

There are a few easy ways to assure yours and your family’s safety around your home’s garage door:

1: Provide a specific spot for the garage door opener, so it doesn’t get lost, played with by a pet, or into the hands of children. Garage door openers are convenient and helpful, but playing with the sensor can cause the door to break while opening and closing quickly. If your garage door opener happens to open the door unexpectedly without your knowledge, it invites potential theft or break-ins through your garage.

2: Not to mention, leaving a garage door open without knowing it is a speedy way to increase your utility bill. This isn’t great regardless of whether you’ve put the extra investment into an insulated garage door or not, since it costs you money for the extra energy used.

3: Regular inspections recommended once a month or slightly less frequently, are important to detecting potentially disastrous problems and fixing them before they can harm your door or your family. Broken garage doors may end up off the tracks, drop unexpectedly, or shock users. Garage door repair and installation are not often performed by homeowners because of the small details and precision required for this kind of work.

4: Do not, and we repeat, do not walk under a moving garage door. Not only can you get stuck, but garage doors are often much heavier than people expect. The mechanization of the door will continue its downward progress, despite you being in the way. Most garage doors have wireless sensors to detect motion and stop the door in its tracks, but this doesn’t mean those systems are perfect or can’t go wrong.

At North Metro Garage, we care deeply about your family’s safety around your garage door and your knowledge of it. We’re happy to field any questions you might have about your door, provide more safety tips, and even come and take a look at your door to spot any safety hazards or potential problems. Call today to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment.



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  • Tyler Meredith
    July 18, 2017, 8:38 pm REPLY

    I like that you recommend having regular inspections to keep the garage safe. It makes sense that an inspection would be able to catch any small problems and potentially large problems early on to prevent serious damage or danger. Thanks for the post; I need to have my garage door replaced and making sure I maintain it properly and remain safe around it is important to me.

  • broken garage door
    July 27, 2017, 10:53 am REPLY

    Best tips,Really help out me.

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