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Pet Proof Your Garage

Pet Proof Your Garage

For many people, pets are easily another addition to their family. A loyal dog or cuddly cat can complete a couple or be a wonderful friend. For this reason, homeowners understably want to ensure there are homes are safe for their furry companions. Keeping the primary areas of your home pet-friendly is easy, but your garage can be more difficult.

Many homeowners use their garage as a place to store tools — heavy cleaning agents — complex equipment. For this reason,  is especially important to pet proof your garage. Consequently, this blog will share three ways to pet proof your garage.

Move Pet Food and Treats

An easy and quick way to keep your pets safe is by simply moving your pet’s food and treats to a better location. Keep all of your pet’s favorite toys and goodies in a location that you know is safe — like your outside patio or even in your kitchen. Naturally, your pet will be more likely to stay is these areas rather than you garage.

Baby Gate

Secure the entrance of your house with a baby gate. Many puppies will jump at the opportunity to take a spontaneous car ride which can lead to accidents at worse and a regular annoyance. Adding a baby gate to your garage will make coming and going easier, faster.

Out of Reach

Our last tip is to keep toxic chemicals and sharp tools out of reach. You can do this by regularly maintaining your garage and adding smart storage: hanging hooks — storage boxes — sticky tape. Ask the professionals at North Metro Garage about garage organization and maintenance, we are happy to help.

Do you have a need to pet proof your garage? If so, do you find these tips helpful? How do you pet proof your home? Let us know in the comments below, we want to hear from you!

Thank you for reading our blog at North Metro Garage!


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