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How To Improve Airflow In Your Garage

How To Improve Airflow In Your Garage

On the Front Range, a garage space might handle two major temperature fluctuations a day. And with Colorado’s highly seasonal weather, there’s no singular temperature range you can count on if your space does not have the proper ventilation. One way to keep the garage cooler, warmer, or simply the same temperature year-round is by improving airflow in and to the space.

A few ways to do that include adding fans and windows to your garage space as well as adding permanent HVAC ventilation to it. Depending on how you utilize your home’s garage, the choice may be obvious. If you’re regularly working or entertaining in the garage, then a permanent system may be in the cards for you. But, if you’re in the market for a fan or window, keep in mind that creating a solid cross breeze is the best way to cool down your space.

An open window will let in whatever air is outside. If it’s cooler air than what’s in the garage, that air will occupy the lower half of your garage space. As hot air rises, cold air often moves in to replace it. If you’re looking to cool down your space, this is when you’d put a floor-level fan in to blow air across the garage. Installing or opening a door to let air in from another direction (relative to the window) can also help create a comfortable cross-breeze. If you’re trying to heat the space without permanent HVAC ventilation, invest in a space heater and use your fan from the summer to blow hot air elsewhere in the garage space. This can save your extremities some long days and nights in the winter time.

Homeowners can also consider rooftop vents in their garage spaces to allow hot air to escape as it rises. This is a great way to allow your garage to cool off, or prevent it from getting overheated in the first place.

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