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Food Storage In Your Garage

Food Storage In Your Garage

The surprising tip about food storage in your garage is simply that it’s not recommended for most foods. Of course, food storage temperatures must be mild in order to avoid spoilage, and garages in Colorado can easily creep into the 90’s in the summertime.

Many argue that a refrigerator or freezer is the best and only way to store food in the garage. Though this is viable and convenient for families with larger amounts of food saved, changing temperatures can easily make refrigerator or freezer units work harder to maintain their temperatures. If a refrigerator has to work for its cool interior, it’s using more electric energy to do so, which not only increases your energy bill, but also your home’s generalized carbon footprint.

If you feel the garage is the only option to store excess food, store it in glass containers, like mason jars or old beer bottles. Plastic packaging will change and eventually deteriorate in the sun and heat, and cardboard will lose its integrity over time as well. If food is to be stored on a shelf, opt for a glass casing inside a crate or bin to protect the food from direct sunlight.

It’s also a good idea to rotate the location of your stored food items on the shelf every few weeks. This can help preserve them if certain areas of the garage get warmer (or colder) than others, and can throw off pests if they come around to sniff out your stores.

To keep out moisture for your garage-stored non perishables, consider garage cabinets over simple shelving units. Cabinet doors provide another layer of protection against pesky animals and the elements, as well as keep moisture below 10 percent where your food is stored. That is key to keeping your food good for a long period of time.

Finally, making sure your garage door is properly maintained, sealed and weather-proofed can help keep your garage at a reasonable temperature for food storage. If your garage requires winterizing services, general maintenance or specific repairs, our expertly trained and experienced team at North Metro Garage Door repairs can handle the job.


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