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Painting your Garage: Do’s and Don’ts

Painting your Garage: Do’s and Don’ts

Ready to spruce up your garage space? Read this before you start. Whether you’re looking to add color to the walls or cover the floor with a sealant or epoxy coat, it’s important to be well-prepared for a project this big.

First, make sure the surfaces you’re about to paint are clean. We often forget the fact that garages harbour dust and debris from outside, and often, insects, cobwebs, and pests, depending on the season and how well your garage door is sealed. Use a broom and vacuum to get dust off the walls and floors of your garage before painting, and if dust seems to be locked onto these surfaces, use water and damp towels to clear off the space. Let dry before starting to paint.

Now, drywall absorbs paint very well – especially in garage spaces – because it’s a porous building material. Fill and sand down any holes or uneven surfaces before painting, and be sure to put a floor cover down. Plastic tarps can be slippery if you’re using a ladder, so use caution at al. times.

Start with primer, and let that layer dry for a full day before starting to use your desired paint finish. Use long brush strokes with your paint roller or paint brush, and be sure not to over-apply paint to certain areas. Roll paint evenly onto your garage walls using a vertical zig-zag pattern to avoid streaking, and let dry completely before applying a second coat of paint. We recommend acrylic-based indoor paint for best results.

If your garage lacks ventilation, allow paint to dry with the garage door fully or partially open and keep an eye on the space. Otherwise, simply run a fan facing out the door or window in your garage, if applicable, to give an outlet for paint fumes.

If you’re finishing your garage floor with an epoxy coat, be sure to use the recommended tools and follow instructions included with your epoxy kit. Clean your garage floor twice and fill in any cracks or chips before coating the floor, and do so in sections once it’s time.

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