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Dealing with a Power Outage

Dealing with a Power Outage

It’s easy to forget that a garage door is not a manual device, and requires electricity to open and close safely. And just like other appliances that run on electricity, it’s functionality stops if a home experiences a power outage. If that happens, do you know what to do?

Of course, a power outage would render your garage door opener useless, and depending on whether you’re inside or outside when the outage happens, not understanding how your garage door can manually function might leave your car stranded in our out of it’s regular parking spot.

First, you should take steps to operate your garage door manually. Luckily, every electric garage door has manual functionality, and putting your garage in manual mode is not difficult. Find what’s called the ‘manual release’ which is often engaged by pulling down a red string that hangs from the garage door’s light on your garage’s ceiling. If you need helping finding this or using your garage door manually, contact us at North Metro Garage right away and we’ll be happy to walk you through it or even stop by to help.

Once the manual release is engaged, you can turn the lever on your garage door to open it and operate the door. You might need to put a bit of elbow grease into this, since release levers are tough to pull. And for a good reason – pulling that lever accidentally could injure you, so manufacturers make this process specific and worthy of some physical strength to limit hazard for families operating their doors every day. Plus, you do NOT want to engage the manual release when your garage door is open.

After you do that, you’re ready to finally open your garage door. Here’s where you’ll need your strength and possibly some help, since you’ll need something to prop the door up after it’s opened. Do not trust any sort of balancing to keep the garage door open, since it can fall easily and is heavy enough to cause serious injury or even death.

Once the power’s back on, call a North Metro Garage expert to get your garage door hooked back up to its power source and in working condition. We want to assure your safety by doing the job right, so don’t hesitate to call with questions.


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