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The Barn Effect – A New Westernized Garage Door Trend

The Barn Effect – A New Westernized Garage Door Trend

It’s a trend that’s all over and not going anywhere fast—barnwood. Reclaimed barnwood. You know what we’re talking about; that subtle rustic effect of a weathered exterior without any structural integrity lost or faded colors. Instead, a rich history of frontiersman shines through in every Front Range home that utilizes the newly rekindled material.

But for garage doors, it’s not a practical or cost-effective solution to use barnwood as a building material. Lucky for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts and life-hackers out there, we found a few cost-effective tips to bring some rustic flair to your garage door or spruce up a replacement door with these elements.

Resin Studs

These are easy to find at home improvement stores or hardware stores and can easily be added to an existing garage door. Of course, you’ll need to consult an expert at North Metro Garage Door to select a door that will easily give off your desired rustic look, and do your research as to what kinds of accessories will work best before you begin any project.

Small Windows

Despite the fact that windows don’t often exist on any real barn door, little windows lining the top of a garage door easily give off the desired feeling, especially when paired with large cross beams on a custom door or warehouse model. Plus, the added natural light in the garage space itself is a nice effect of this design.

Wood or ‘Rustic’ Finish

Whether your actual door is wooden or has a wooden finish, it’s an important part of the barn door decor look. However, if you end up investing in a metal door or another building material, there are ways to get that rustic effect. One of them is a ‘scuffed’ finish. Be sure to ask us about what your options are regarding color and finish for any garage door replacement. We use doors from the best brands out there, and are happy to help consult your design goals and help them come to life.

Ready for a fresh facade for your home? Call North Metro Garage today for a quote on a garage door replacement service and to hear about this year’s latest and most popular garage door models and design trends.



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