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Added Flair-Curbside tricks and driveway design tips

Added Flair-Curbside tricks and driveway design tips

Think of your home’s garage door as one part of a large puzzle. When designing a home, initial impressions are everything. Aside from wanting your designs to come off clean and inviting, homeowners should also be constantly on the lookout for ways they can dress up and add subtle flair to their home, aside from simply painting the garage and front doors a new color and adding a flower bed to the front porch.


If you’re lucky enough to have some front-yard fencing, be sure not to waste this opportunity to express yourself and add some coveted design to your home. Now, it’s important to remember that your garage door, if at the front of your home, is often the largest single-paneled space a passerby will notice, and fencing should simply protect your yard and point the eye to the home’s openings. That is, people drawn to your garage door and front door will immediately associate your home with easy entrance and and inviting feel if they’re attracted to the entrances. A fence should not be imposing enough to keep potential guests out, but rather an added security and safety feature that can be utilized as an inviting accessory.

An example of this is by keeping picket fences short and relatively see-through. The existence of the fence will keep animals off the lawn while allowing humans enough visual access to feel as if your home is still approachable. This is important to potential buyers, regardless of whether they plan to entertain regularly. We all want to be a perfect mix of social and private, and the right picket fence in your front yard can do the trick.

Concrete Stamping

This can apply to your driveway, walkway, or simply as an ode to stone accents in and around the front of your home and garage door. Rather than looking the same as your neighbors, some wonderful updates are achievable with a quick concrete design job. These services can add the illusion of more authentic stone in the front of your home or add a more countryside-oriented aura to your home. That is, if your homeowner’s association allows!

Your garage door, based on its material, color, and style, should always complement extra stone or wood work, as well as concrete stamping jobs. For example, victorian updates to a garage plus wide, shallow concrete stamping may not completely line up when it comes to era and overall consistency.

Above-door pergola and trellis work

Adding a little green to your home’s facade doesn’t have to happen on the front porch alone. Adding an awning-like wood pergola above the garage door is a fresh trend that allows greenery to spill over your garage door. If you’re looking for a look like this, opt for square trellis palates that easily hold and enable vine growth or allow for plants with hooks to be hung. Be mindful of windy weather for this design idea, as plants are easily damaged in extreme weather.


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