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Slick Security-Adding Safety features to your Garage and Door

Slick Security-Adding Safety features to your Garage and Door

Keeping your family safe in and around your garage goes beyond the basic tips of maintaining your door’s lift mechanism and seeking regular repairs. In the digital age, safety can be taken to the next level, as the ability for surveillance accessories and functionality increase year by year.


As home security systems become more user-friendly and cheaper to install, more homeowners are warming up to the idea of adding an all-seeing eye to their homes. This is especially beneficial on front porches, driveways, and in garage and yard spaces to beef up security while you and your family are away. Try products with night vision and motion sensors to save energy and make your home security system as efficient os possible. Just like motion-sensored lights, they both capture footage and deliver feeds only when necessary. Now, some camera systems even incorporate sound, by either listening to visitors or potential intruders or transmitting your voice from your smartphone to the outdoor areas these cameras are watching. Products like the ‘Nest’ cam, Ario or Amcrest brands can even allow you to speak with someone at your front door when you’re not home, via wireless signals and transmitters in your smartphone.

Extra Open-Close Mechanisms

Beyond your garage door opener, installing a manual key-lock or numbered keypad to the outside of your garage door can increase security when you’re away. When leaving for an extended vacation, you can physically lock down your garage door by utilizing a metal key and deadbolts, so even those with the code can’t get inside your home through your garage (it’s also important to lock the interior door to the garage when you leave the house). Keypad systems make it easy for the whole family to have access to a garage door even if there’s only one garage door opener in one of the vehicles. They’re also more personalized and specific than simply clicking the garage door opener’s single button on the remote.

Fencing, Lighting, and the Works

Last, resort to old-school security methods that are tried and true. If you’re really concerned about intruders, give them a lot to overcome to enter your home. From installing fencing to motion-sensored cameras and alarms, these ways of keeping your home and family safe are still around for a reason—because they work.

When it comes to your garage door in particular, North Metro’s team of expert technicians can give you the lowdown on how to keep your garage door safe and functional to increase security at your home. Call us today!


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