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Update Your Door-3 Fast Style Upgrades of Any Homeowner

Update Your Door-3 Fast Style Upgrades of Any Homeowner

Okay, we get it. Full garage door replacements are fewer and farther between than repair jobs, and if it’s not totally broken, why replace your door? Well, we’ve outlined reasons for replacement before on this blog, but figured we’d also offer a few easy do-it-yourself tips and tricks to update the look of your home’s garage door without totally replacing it. These steps can save you money and add a bit of value while you hold on to your functional garage door and savor its lifetime in your home’s most versatile space.

First, consider common garage door accessories like metal or wood accents, a fresh paint job, or windows. Now, true windows are difficult to install and would often require replacement, but there are ways to create faux window panels that look just like the real thing. Garage doors with small windows on the uppermost panel are often referred to as ‘carriage style’, and creating this effect is easier than you’d think at first. You’ll want to measure out your future ‘panels’ and demarcate the places you’ll paint with blue painter’s tape. Once that’s done, you’ll need to sand down the areas inside those tape lines to make it easier for paint to stick to your garage door. The door will require a layer of primer, followed by black enamel. The enamel will give the door the illusion of reflection, looking like a particularly dark or tinted window pane. From the street, this will not only look legitimate, but also add some shine to your front door.

If you don’t prefer the carriage-style front door, consider simply repainting your door and front door to add color or create a uniform look across your home’s facade. Unifying your home’s appearance from the curb can add hundreds—even thousands—of dollars to your home’s value without a full replacement.

Plus, small accessories like magnetic metal accessories and accents are commonly found at hardware or crafting stores, and can add a more specific, regional or era-based style to your home’s garage door.

Next, consider lighting up your garage door to add a bit of curb appeal and value. As an added safety feature, exterior light fixtures are relatively easy to wire and install, and make it easier to monitor your home. You can set these lights on a daily timer using products from Home Depot or Lowe’s or wire them to be controlled from inside your house.

Finally, when you’re considering updating the front of your home, try to think outside the box. The tips we’ve outlined above are just scratching the surface of all the possibilities out there to add unique value and style to a home, and a garage door doesn’t have to be a monochrome eye sore in the middle of your curbside masterpiece! If you’re in need of repair services or considering an upgrade in the near future, contact North Metro Garage right away!


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