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Lazy Guides: Cleaning out Your Garage -Tips and tricks for getting it done, and fast

Lazy Guides: Cleaning out Your Garage -Tips and tricks for getting it done, and fast

After a summer of action, cleaning your garage is a big step in prepping your home for winter. Although it’s not as much about function as it is about peace of mind, pest control and general cleanliness, it’s still a tough chore to jump on.


The first step to a winter-ready garage space is re-organizing storage and items so those needed in the winter time are more visible and accessible. As much as you love them, those summer recreation items like kayaks, tubes, water shoes, etc. can be deflated, folded, hung up and stored away for the winter. Any winter items you keep in the garage should be moved toward you on shelves or lower down to be within reach for the whole family. This is the same for certain tools and household items often stored in the garage. Gardening tools can usually be packed away at this point, with snow shovels, extra gloves, and a space for snowy, wet, or muddy boots should be set up with rubber mats near the door. This is important to help keep your home clean when you don’t have a mudroom or other designated place to strip your shoes or snow-clothes after a day out. Last, clean out any freezers, refrigerators or shelves of non-perishable food you store in the garage. Be sure to mind expiration dates and freeze-dry anything like fruits, vegetables, or meat you’d like to save for a snowy day.


Next, it’s important to clear your garage of dust and debris before the temperatures drop. Despite the very best insulation, a garage space will still get very cold over the winter months, and this chore will get increasingly less agreeable as the season wears on. Washing shelves, counter tops, and window sills can limit allergic reactions, while sweeping out fall leaves, dust or any trash will help maintain your garage space and keep it free of pest infestations.

It also may be worth looking into sealing your garage floor. Though this process often takes multiple coats and a patient hand, adding speckled floor treatment can increase traction and make your garage floor more weatherproof for years to come.

Large Items

Last, it’s important to maximize space and preserve other large items in your garage by hanging them up for the winter. The reason we prefer hanging methods is because winter weather will lead your car tires to track in mud and moisture throughout the season. Allowing that moisture to affect things like bike tires can cause those items to depreciate more quickly. Hanging bikes, putting bins of items on shelves, and generally picking things up off the garage floor to avoid temperature changes and collecting dust will all help those things last. As far as your car goes, maximize storage by placing a string and tennis ball to hang from the ceiling. It’s a commonly tried-and-true way to assure your car does not run into other objects in the garage and control how much room is left around your vehicle for storage.

As you prep your garage’s interior for this winter, be sure to give our team at North Metro Garage a call if you have questions or want to set up a pre-season garage door repair or inspection. Our job is to help you get the most function out of your garage door over it’s lifetime, and we’re always up for the job.


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