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Ready For a Reno? Consider these Questions First with North Metro Garage

Ready For a Reno? Consider these Questions First with North Metro Garage

They say you have to spend money to make money, and that’s true when it comes to renovating and upgrading your home to add value. Changes, updates, and redesigns can tack on thousands of dollars to what your home is worth, and increase your eventual return on investment in the event of selling the property down the road. At North Metro Garage, we’re dedicated to contributing to home renovations and adding life to your home. Despite our expertise and line of working being confined to your garage space, some home renovators have hatched plans to build full stories or spaces on top of their garage doors in Denver. Fortunately, we looked into what it would take to make a large-scale project like this succeed, both in safety and looks.

Before you begin, make sure to obtain permission to add to your home. Denver is made up of hundreds of wonderful neighborhoods, but each one has it’s own rules as far as development and uniformity with other homes nearby. Be sure to share your plans with your Homeowners Association, or in some cases, property owner. If you live near a community landmark or natural resource, there may be extra rules in place regarding how you can affect the view and access to your neighbors. Once you’ve shared your plans with the right people and squared away permission, it’s time to get to work.

Depending on your plans, you’ll one day access the newly built space via your garage or another area of the house. For attached additions, be sure to look into how the added structural weight may affect your garage space. If your addition is going on top of a detached garage, you’re essentially building a second, smaller home space. These can be perfect for pulling in extra income by renting out the space you build to an on-site tenant or adding privacy for whoever might use that space in the future. You’ll also want to decide whether a staircase to the space above the garage will be housed indoors or built outside. Next, consider the size of your garage as an early indicator of price when it comes to your project. Are you building a smaller space on top of the garage, or looking to add a full story to the top of the existing structure?

Finally, your renovation is guaranteed to increase your property value, so be sure to think ahead as to how you might market the space in the future. In many cases, it’s a great idea to consult a realtor to discuss the potential favors and/or disservices you may be doing to your home by adding space above your garage. And at North Metro Garage, we can consult on ways to make your garage a complementary part of this new space with the latest trends in garage door designs.

Happy Renovating!


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