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Break From the Norm with A North Metro Custom Garage Door Installation

Break From the Norm with A North Metro Custom Garage Door Installation

Choosing a garage door is a big decision for a few reasons. Not only do homeowners face a large variety of design and functional options in each door style, but they also have to consider how certain doors can increase or decrease storage space in their garage. The options do not stop at your traditional paneled garage door. In this post, we’ll take you through a few other options that’ll add value and a design flair to your home’s facade.

Many Denver homeowners overlook doors that are not as common, such as a rolling door or one with hinges on the side rather than a motorized ceiling cavity and opens like any other door in your home. These types of doors are great for smaller garage spaces where a homeowner may want to install shelving or hooks on the ceiling. This is a great way to add space for more storage with less square footage to use.

If you like the ‘rolling door’ look but want to utilize ceiling space, there are even garage doors that simply slide to the side. Of course, consider that these doors take up some wall space inside your garage. These doors do have one trait that limits your possibilities in designing your home; they’re not manufactures with as much variety as more common doors, so as long as you’re still able to find an exterior color that will work with your home, we say, ‘go for it!’. The two we’ve mentioned so far are typically manual, but can have electric operation with the right installation and tools, which we never lack at North Metro garage.

Next, there are doors that come in sections (obviously named ‘sectionals’) in order to bear less weight and lift themselves more easily. These are more popular and often manifest in a wide variety of materials. For example, you can make these garage doors look like frosted glass, barnwood, or get a rusted metal ‘urban’ look. These are the hands-free garage doors you’re most likely used to, and often provide real ‘bang’ for your buck. North Metro garage keeps an eye on popular materials that Denver homeowners gravitate toward over the seasons, as well as what styles are trending across the nation. Consult with us about your design vision for your home, and we’ll help make your dream come to live in both fashion and function. But again, these have a downside, and that’s the fact that their mechanization often requires more maintenance than their manual predecessors.

At North Metro Garage, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best garage door products and services as well as offering a memorable, positive customer experience from first introductions to after the job is finished.


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