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Do You Need Reinforcement Struts? North Metro Garage Has The Answer

Do You Need Reinforcement Struts? North Metro Garage Has The Answer

The shortest day of the year has come and gone, and as we get closer to springtime in Denver, it’s important to consider one thing that all Coloradans know about seasonal change on the Front Range: wind is unavoidable.

One solution to combating strong winds that often come in the spring (and the fall, to a lesser degree) is to consider installing reinforcement struts on your existing garage door or looking into upgrading your door with this feature included. Not only are they inherently practical on a functional level, but when done right, they can also add a level of security and even style to a garage door. After all, your home only has so many entrances, and your garage door is the largest and most cumbersome of the bunch. Maintaining it’s security and sturdy stature throughout the years is a key aspect to achieving an efficient, safe, and valuable garage space that adds to your home overall.

If you’re one of those people that often spends time in the garage, cracking or opening the door in the summertime, then reinforcement struts would also be a good choice for you. This is because a garage door is significantly less sturdy when partially ajar for extended time periods, and it can damage the tracks when left hanging open for a half or full day. We’re not saying it’s best to close the garage door or limit your use and enjoyment of the space, but rather recommending ways to make sure premature wear and costly repairs down the road do not become an unwelcome reality in the new year.

Reinforcement struts are also often the reason insulated doors maintain their integrity over time, since the struts themselves often serve as a skeleton for whatever material is serving as the insulation agent on the interior side of your garage door. The struts, again are an added aspect to your door’s functionality and often more than worth the initial investment to add them or replace the door completely to incorporate them. Your wallet will also thank you for creating an avenue to saving energy, lowering related bills and unwanted drafts in the process.

Last, size is the perfect reason to add reinforcement struts to your garage door if you have not already. If your door is on the larger side, these struts should already be in place. If they’re not, your garage door may not actually be the best one for you and your home, in terms of safety and function. Talk to an expert at North Metro Garage about how many struts should be applied to your door; the common rule of thumb among garage door experts is three per double door, generally. We’ll offer you the very best quality of service if you’re ready to install reinforcement struts to your garage door in 2018 or look into replacing your door to add a fresh look and layer of security to your home as we welcome the new year.


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