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Beyond Storage: How To Best Utilize Your Garage Space in 2018

Beyond Storage: How To Best Utilize Your Garage Space in 2018

A garage might come in the shape of a box, but it’s functions do not have to fit inside one. In 2018, it’s time to being imagining how to use the spaces in your home for more than their traditional purposes, not only to increase how much you get out of your living space but also to maximize storage and functionality. In Denver, a home may sprawl across land on a ranch or be tucked away on the fifth floor of an apartment building downtown. Regardless of what type of space you’re working with, there are hundreds of ways to make the most of it in the new year.

When it comes to your garage, it can be so much more than a storage space. With the right garage door, organizational tools, and a few simple upgrades here and there, your garage can potentially morph into a multi-purpose space that serves you and your family, no matter the season.

To do this, it’s best to start with securing and maximizing the function of your space. When it comes to your garage door, North Metro Garage can help you choose the right door for your home in 2018. We recommend looking into an automatic, insulated door to save on energy costs and promote safety as well as home security. Regarding style, the material, color, and accessories that come with a new garage door are totally up to you, the homeowner. We’ll help you navigate a market full of top-notch options manufactured by the nation’s best brands, as well as install the door using our years of combined expertise and experience. Installing a door with insulation or retrofitting your door with insulation solutions is the first and most important step toward utilizing your garage in creative ways next year. It handles the most common complaint about garage spaces, which is drafty air and major temperature changes from season to season. Insulation can also help your garage space stay clean, along with sealing your garage floor using a kit from your local home improvement store. Our experts can also recommend other accessories like weather stripping to totally secure the space from weather and pests.

Once your space is primed and ready for multi-purpose use, begin to consider how to best store your items in the garage and potentially park your vehicles if space allows. Don’t worry, we’ve blogged about this too, offering tips and tricks to maximize your garage space! There are more ways than you’d think to cleverly store your items in a finished or unfinished garage space this year, opening up ground space for you to utilize your garage to it’s fullest extent, whether it’s time for a project, band practice, a football game, a party, or to bring things in for protection during a snowstorm. Your garage can truly do it all!

To get started with the right garage door to fit your lifestyle, call North Metro Garage for a consultation and pricing quote.


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