North Metro garage was started three years ago by a veteran and his family. We are a locally owned independent company and are not associated with any national chains. We have two employees myself and my technician Mike. We are a small company and because we are small we can offer you great customer service at a great price. If you’re looking for garage door repair Denver, Colorado then look no further than with us. We are happy to be here for all your garage door needs.

We are not an accredited member of the BBB but that is because we do not feel that we should pay membership fees to be listed with the BBB. The only way to get accredited with the BBB is to pay a yearly membership fee of over $300. And, we are a small company and cannot justify this extra expense for no reason.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make your project run smoothly. We can ensure the job is done on time.


We are from the same community you are and expect local service at affordable prices. We won’t let you down.


Years in business

Completed Projects and Repairs

Skilled Professionals.

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