How to get longer life garage door springs...

High cycle garage door springs

High cycle garage door springs require some careful calculations to obtain.  Standard garage door springs come from the factory at a rating of 10k to 15k cycles.   A cycle is a complete open and close of the garage door.  What this means to you is if you open and close the garage door 3 times a day it will last 10 to 15 years.  For most families the garage door will open about 4 times a day on average.  So, the spring life will be less than that.  Once the spring breaks that 10k or 15k threshold, the spring could break at any time.  How do we get our garage door springs to last longer? We get high cycle garage door springs! Let’s take a look at how we get them!

How to get longer life garage door springs.

Now we get into the numbers.  Most garage door manufacturers use the smallest garage door spring that has the smallest wire gauge and length possible to lift the door.  These are going to be the 10k cycle springs in most cases. Let’s jump into a scenario so we can better understand spring science!  A plain old steel garage door with no insulation or windows weighs around 150 pounds. This door would require 2 springs that are 2″ in diameter.  The wire size would be .192 inches and the length would be 16.25 inches.  In the industry this spring would be a .192x2x16.25 spring. The total lift would be  around 154lbs for the pair and the spring  life would be 10k cycles.  If you wanted to have more cycles you need a bigger wire size with a longer spring.  The bigger wire size lasts longer because it is thicker but it needs to be longer to provide the same lift because a bigger wire size with the same length would have way more torque (lift). A great resource to use when converting to high cycle garage door springs is the garage door spring database from the folks at DDM garage doors.  I refer to them all the time and here is the link to the garage door torsion spring database The length also helps with the life of the spring because the stress is spread out over more coils.  In this scenario, if you upgraded the spring to a .207x2x23 you would get 27k cycles and the same lift.  If you wanted to go bigger you could do a .218x2x29.75 spring and have 55k cycles.  With this door you could go all the way to a .243x2x49 spring pair and at 207k cycles your door might break before the spring does!!!  Even if you use the door 6 times a day the springs will last 100 years and if you use the door 12 times a day the springs will last 50 years!  I know some people that probably do use the garage door 12 times a day and maybe they need to upgrade to these springs.

I hope that this high cycle garage door springs article was informative and will help you determine your needs the next time your garage door spring breaks.  We have a $100 upcharge for high cycle garage door springs but if you are tripling the life of the springs that extra $100 up front will save you a few hundred dollars in the long run.

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