Garage door repair, serving all of your garage door needs in the north Denver Metro area.

When it comes to garage door repair in , we shine above the rest by providing excellent customer service at a fair and competitive price.  Our technicians are upfront and honest about the price of your garage door repair.  We will not try to sell you any parts or services that you do not need!  Our prices are very competitive and are even 100’s of dollars lower than many of the companies out there that charge 2-3 times what we charge for repairs.

Garage door repair North Denver  should not be done by anyone but a trained technician because the garage door is the biggest and heaviest moving object in your home. This makes it very dangerous.  Even if you watch a youtube video on how to repair your garage door, your chances of being seriously hurt are huge.  Even trained professionals get hurt when they are performing certain garage door repairs. (I saw a technician with a 4 inch gash in his head the other day, he got hit by a torsion spring winding bar)

We perform every type of garage door repair in North Denver.

From the smallest level of maintenance and safety checks to replacing whole garage doors and garage door openers.  We are the garage door repair experts when it comes to replacing your garage door springs.  We know which springs are right for your door for it to balance the proper way and function properly.  We also offer high cycle garage door springs for our customers that use their garage doors as their front doors or have kids that open and close the garage door many times a day.


While we are on site performing your garage door repair North Denver, we will tune up and lubricate your garage door system for free.  If you want or need quieter nylon rollers for your door we can install those as well.  If you have a frayed torsion cable on your door we can replace that.  We replace broken hinges and worn out bearings and we will give you all the tips we can so you can keep your garage door running well in the future.

– Garage door end bearing wearing garage door torsion bar

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