Replacement Cost

Garage door spring replacement cost will depend upon how heavy your garage door is. The heavier the door, the larger and more expensive the garage door spring will be. Most people think that the garage door opener opens the door but in reality it is the garage door springs job to actually lift the door.  The opener actually just moves the door to the open or closed position.

Our garage door spring replacement cost includes labor and trip charge.  When choosing a garage door repair company make sure that this is included in their cost.  It may be tempting to have a company come out that says “we charge $75 to $100 per spring” only to have them make you pay for a trip charge and labor to put the springs in.  Make sure the price quoted over the phone is the price you will pay. I heard of a company from one of my customers that came out to replace his springs.  They told him that the cost to replace the springs was going to be $650!

Garage door spring replacement cost for steel garage doors should be about $200-$250 to get replaced by any company out there.

Wood garage door springs should cost about $250-$300 to get replaced by most companies.

If your door is wider than 16 feet or taller than 8 feet Garage door spring replacement cost prices can go up significantly because in most cases the garage door spring for those doors needs to be custom built by our supplier to make sure the right spring is on your door for it to balance out correctly.

We also offer high cycle springs.  These are custom springs for your door.  The standard garage door spring will have a life of about 10,000 cycles.  Custom high cycle springs can add up to 50,000 cycles before they break. If you use the garage door more than 3 times a day high cycle springs are for you.  We offer the high cycle garage door spring replacement cost upgrades for an additional cost of $100-$150 depending on how many cycles we are adding and how heavy the door is.

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