When it comes to garage doors there are really 3 types of doors. These doors start at $450 for single car doors and $750 for double car doors.
The first type is called the pan door. It is a very simple steel door with no insulation. These are the least expensive garage doors since they are just a thin piece of metal. They are great for people that need to get a new door and not spend a lot on a new door. They are perfect for garages that are not attached to the home or garages that you do not have to worry about keeping warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

The second type is an insulated door usually called a vinyl back door. I most cases the insulation is polystyrene (styro-foam) and this is protected by a vinyl back that gives it a nice smooth appearance. Some doors have a polyurethane insulation with the vinyl backing. The polyurethane offers you a higher R-value (more insulation). These doors are in the middle of the cost spectrum but, the higher R-value doors are going to cost a little more. They are great for someone who needs a door with some insulation but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.
The third type of door is called a sandwich door. It is a steel front/steel back door with an insulated core. The core depends on the level of insulation you require for your house. These doors are great if you need a high level of insulation because you work out in the garage a lot. These doors are going to be the strongest and sturdiest doors and also the quietest doors.

Steel garage doors usually come in 4 styles.

The first is called the short panel door. This will have smaller squares. Usually 4 for a single car garage door and 8 for a double car garage door.

The second style is called the long panel door. It will have rectangles across the panels and will have 2 for single car doors and 4 for double car doors.

The third style is the flush panel door. This is probably one of the oldest styles.
The last steel garage door style is the carriage house style garage door. These doors come in many different designs and hardware options.

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